The Natural Selection Competition: Elevating Snowboarding to New Heights

Natural Selection Tour

The Natural Selection Competition: Elevating Snowboarding to New Heights

In the world of snowboarding, few events have captured the imagination of athletes and fans like “The Natural Selection.” This innovative competition, founded by legendary snowboarder Travis Rice, represents a groundbreaking evolution in the sport, blending freestyle creativity with the raw power of natural terrain. In this article, we’ll explore “The Natural Selection” competition, its origins, format, and its profound impact on the world of snowboarding.

Natural Selection Tour’s¬†mission is to inspire people to forge a deeper relationship with Mother Nature.

The Genesis of “The Natural Selection”

Travis Rice, known for his groundbreaking snowboarding films like “The Art of Flight,” envisioned “The Natural Selection” as a way to showcase the untamed beauty of natural terrain and the incredible skill of snowboarders. This competition was born out of a desire to create a platform where riders could push the boundaries of the sport, all while celebrating the rugged landscapes that make snowboarding such a unique and exhilarating endeavor.

Format and Venue

“The Natural Selection” competition stands out for its format, which places a strong emphasis on backcountry and big-mountain riding. The event takes place in carefully selected locations known for their challenging terrain, deep powder, and breathtaking vistas. These venues, which include iconic locations like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Baldface Lodge in British Columbia, serve as the canvas upon which riders paint their lines of creative expression.

The competition features both men’s and women’s divisions, with an invitation-only roster of the world’s top snowboarders. Each rider is tasked with navigating a series of massive natural features, including cliffs, chutes, and deep powder, while incorporating freestyle tricks and maneuvers. “The Natural Selection” showcases the holistic skills of snowboarders, emphasizing their ability to read terrain, choose lines, and adapt to ever-changing conditions.

Environmental Stewardship

One of the most commendable aspects of “The Natural Selection” competition is its commitment to environmental stewardship. Travis Rice and his team have made it a priority to minimize the event’s ecological footprint. This includes careful selection of venues, sustainable practices, and carbon offset initiatives. “The Natural Selection” seeks to be a positive force for change, inspiring both athletes and fans to appreciate the natural world and work toward its preservation.

Cultural Impact

“The Natural Selection” competition has made a significant cultural impact on the snowboarding community. It has rekindled a love for backcountry riding and reinforced the importance of responsible and sustainable interaction with nature. The event has also led to a resurgence of interest in traditional snowboarding skills, like navigating complex natural terrain and riding deep powder.

Moreover, “The Natural Selection” competition has inspired a new generation of snowboarders to explore the mountains in their rawest and most unaltered form, fueling a renaissance of creativity and adventure in the sport.


“The Natural Selection” competition has become a beacon of innovation and a testament to the enduring spirit of snowboarding. Its unique blend of freestyle creativity and big-mountain challenge has captivated audiences and pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the sport. Beyond its remarkable competition format, “The Natural Selection” has also elevated the discourse around environmental responsibility and stewardship, ensuring that snowboarding continues to thrive in harmony with the natural world. As it enters each new season, “The Natural Selection” competition remains an exciting showcase of snowboarding’s endless potential and a tribute to the beauty of unspoiled mountains.


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