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What is Live Heats?

Live Heats is the registration, results, ranking and seeding platform being used globally from Region 1 (Europe) to Region 2 (US, Canada, & Sudamerica). Region 2 moved from our old platform into LiveHeats as of the 2024 season.

What is the seeding list?

Since competition spots are limited and demand within our region is very high,  the seeding list is used to determine which athletes among all the registered athletes are invited into a competition. The seeding list is formulated by an athlete’s best 3 results over the past 52 weeks. Athletes who have not competed before or who are ranked low on the seeding list might not get into National 3* Events and will have to start collecting points on lower level Regional 1* and 2* Events to move up on the seeding list.

How does the new seeding process affect event registration in the Junior Series?

During registration for any event, everyone will have 72 hours to register, and all athletes will be immediately put on the waitlist.

Regional Events: Once the 72-hour registration window comes to a close, the top-seeded athletes will be moved off the waitlist and confirmed into 50% of the event starts. The remaining 50% of event starts will be awarded by registration timestamp.

National Events: Once the 72-hour registration window comes to a close, the top-seeded athletes will be moved off the waitlist and confirmed into 90% of the event starts. The remaining 10% are held until three weeks before the competition, to allow athletes to move up the seeding list during the competition season. Three weeks prior to the start of a 3* event, the 10% registration window will close, and remaining top-seeded athletes will be moved off the waitlist and confirmed until the event is 100% full.

U12 Events: Remains unchanged. U12 Athletes are unseeded and have access to open registration based on timestamp. U12 athletes making the transition to 12-14 categories will be given 10 seeding points, to validate their experience in IFSA competitions, and to increase their chances of registering for 2* events.

Is entry to Regional events determined by seeding or is this just the case for National events?

Yes, all Junior Series and Adult Series events are using the seeding process for athlete entry to the event. The only exception is our U12 Series.

Is entry to Junior Regionals strictly first-come, first-serve, as in all events in past seasons?

No, registration will open for a 72-hour period, and athletes can register at any time during that window. All registrants will initially be placed on a waitlist. Once the 72-hour registration window comes to a close, the top-seeded athletes will be moved off the waitlist and confirmed into 50% of the Regional Event’s starts. The remaining 50% of the event starts will be awarded by registration timestamp. You will get a confirmation email from Live Heats that confirms you are in. You can also look at the waitlist and confirmation list at any time and see your chances.

Why are Juniors registering for Regionals 6 weeks before the event, why not in December as in years past?

The transition to athlete seeding is designed to benefit both the athletes and the overall competition level. It allows for new performance outcomes to impact seed positions dynamically. The compromise of 6 weeks prior is striking a balance between providing opportunities for improved seeding and accommodating the travel planning needs of athletes and their families. It’s worth noting that RMFS has historically been the only region to open registration that early, as all other regions have always opened registration six weeks prior.

How do I register for an event?

We will push out event registration instructions once we are closer to opening an event registration period so be sure you are subscribed to our RMFS Newsletter and follow us on socials. Live Heats also has a great tutorial for registering individual athletes. We do not currently use the team registration process.

When do I register for a Junior event?

That depends on what type of event you are registering for. National 3* Event registration will happen the first week of December. U12 and Regional 2* Event registration will open 6 weeks before the event in our region. Each region is different, so if you are looking for out of region competitions, please be sure to visit the IFSA website.

Where can I find my IFSA member number?

It might be listed in your LiveHeats account but it is no longer needed for event registration now that it is being done through LiveHeats.

I received an email when I registered for a Junior event, am I confirmed?

No, the initial email only confirms that the registration was received. Registrations are confirmed only after the 72 hour registration period closes and you will receive another email if a start has been awarded. You can always check the event after the registration has closed to see if you are confirmed or on the waiting list.

If I am waitlisted for a Junior National Event, when will I know if I am getting moved off and admitted to the event?

The waiting list will be revisited three weeks before the event and will be racked and stacked according to current seed positions. The Event Organizer will award the last 10% of the event’s starts based on the seeded waiting list.

How many events is my Junior athlete allowed to participate in?

Regional: If you are not participating in the National 3* Events you are allowed to register for up to three Regional 2* Events in the Rockies region (RMFS). IFSA allows you to have up to four events in one season, however you may have to travel out of region for that fourth event unless a RMFS Regional 2* Event hasn’t reached capacity, then you are allowed to use that specific Regional Event (2*) as your fourth event.

National: If you are seeded high enough to gain entry into National 3* Events, you will be allowed to register for up to three National 3* Events and you may compete in one Regional 2* Event. If you still need a fourth event and a RMFS Regional 2* Event hasn’t reached capacity, then you are allowed to use that specific Regional Event (2*) as your fourth event.

Are the current seed lists on LiveHeats accurate?

They will be very soon. Stay tuned for that announcement from IFSA.

As a Junior can I do more than 4 events this season?

IFSA allows an athlete to compete in up to four events however, in the Rockies region you are initially limited to registering for three regional events across all age divisions. If specific events do not reach full capacity, we will open registration to everyone, allowing you to participate in more than three events if desired. If an athlete participates in more than four events, these additional events classify them as “friendlies”. “Friendly” athletes can still achieve podium positions and receive prizes, but no points will be assigned, and these points will be transferred to the next athlete who has not yet completed their four events.

Can my Junior athlete register for all events and select the ones she/he will attend later?

No. You may only be registered for the four allowed to you or we will be canceling registrations with no notice. This is to be fair to the other 800 members in our region just trying to get a start.

Can my Junior athlete register for regionals? What about nationals?

Regional 2* Events are open to all athletes in our region. If you feel you are ready to transition to National level events, please conference with your Coach. With Coach approval, and a high enough seed, you may try to gain entry into National 3* Events. 90% of National starts are awarded based on seeding with Region 2’s top athletes, then three weeks before the event the remaining 10% will be filled from the waitlist with the seed list standings as of that date. 50% of Regional starts are awarded based on seeding, with the remaining 50% of starts available to open registration.

Can my Junior athlete register for events in any region?

Yes! But note, most regions close regional registrations to outside regions for the first 24-72 hours of registration and only open if spots are available. Please visit those other region’s websites to read their out-of-region policies.

What if my team doesn’t attend one event but my athlete does qualify to attend?

All junior athletes must have a coach present at all events.

Can a U12 athlete go to the Championships?

All U12 athletes are invited to the U12 Junior Freeride Championships. 90 total athletes will be admitted from across all U12 divisions.

How does a U12 athlete age up into the 12-14 Junior Series?

U12 athletes making the transition to 12-14 categories will be given 10 seeding points, to validate their experience in IFSA competitions, and to increase their chances of registering for 2* Regional Events.

What happens with my junior points when I am moving on to the adult tour?

When moving from the junior to the adult circuit, an athlete’s current seeding list points will be ranked according to their junior points on the FWQ seeding list and they will be able to register for Qualifier events.

Will IFSA consider seeding or season ranking when determining invitation for Junior Freeride Championships?

JFC invites will be based on the season ranking. Points earned at JFC’s are added to every JFC athlete’s seasonal ranking. Points earned at JFC’s are also considered when calculating an athlete’s position on the 52 week Seeding List. It is possible that an athlete who does poorly at JFC’s could have three higher results at other competitions, so it is not 100% a rule that JFC points will influence an athlete’s seed.

How does RMFS come to their governing decisions?

Over its history, RMFS has been influenced by the insights and leadership of coaches, with pivotal decisions for the series usually decided through a committee where head coaches play a substantial role. If you encounter any concerns or questions regarding policies or procedures, we strongly encourage you to communicate these matters with your coaches, who serve as your representatives.

How are start lists generated?

LiveHeats utilizes randomized seeding, which means that athletes are placed randomly in any position of any heat within the round. The start list algorithm does not consider club or team details, seeding, or ranking when creating the lineup.

What safety gear is required to compete?

To compete in IFSA-sanctioned events, athletes must adhere to specific equipment and safety requirements:

  1. Helmets certified for snow sports are mandatory during inspections, competition runs, and riding within the venue.
  2. Athletes must wear a dedicated back protector during competition runs, and it should be a standalone piece designed for impact protection. External items like backpacks or avalanche packs do not qualify as valid back protectors.
  3. Riders must provide proof of individual insurance at time of athlete check-in and keep it accessible throughout the competition.
  4. The IFSA strongly recommends additional protective gear such as hip, knee, and elbow pads, as well as a mouth guard for freeride training and competition.
  5. The Event Organizer may require additional protective or safety equipment like avalanche transceivers, probes, shovels, and avalanche avalungs or bags. Athletes who fail to meet these equipment requirements set by the Event Organizer will also receive a DNS score and won’t be permitted to start.

Athletes who do not meet equipment requirements set by both the IFSA and the Event Organizer will not be allowed to start and will receive a DNS (Did Not Start) score, with no refund for registration fees.

I am injured, how do I freeze my seeding?

Refer to the 2023-2024 IFSA Handbook once it has been released this Fall 2023.

IFSA allows an injured athlete to retain their seeding rights during the period of injury and for a period of time after they have recovered from the injury. To achieve this, an athlete’s points on the seeding list will be “frozen” as of the week when the injury occurred. To freeze your points on the seeding list please submit a valid medical certificate to IFSA as soon as possible after the injury occurred.

How do I get started in FWQ as an adult?

Newcomer adults to Freeride World Qualifier events must earn points to establish a seed on the FWQ Global Seed List. Your seed is determined by your best three scores within a 365-day period. Invitations to Region 2’s Qualifier events (2*, 3*, and 4*) depend on this seed list, with priority given to higher-seeded athletes. After seeded athletes respond, unseeded riders are invited based on registration timestamp. Your best option for entering the circuit is to build your seed in FWQ 1* events. All 1* level events will have an open registration component to them and registration will be first come, first served. If you are coming from a collegiate freeride team or the Junior Series your points will carry over in to the FWQ and you will have a seed already established.

For the 2024 Season you do NOT need to purchase an RMFS Regional Membership. For more information on rankings and registration, please see the Region 2 Adult Qualifier Handbook

Please visit the IFSA Welcome to Freeride page for even more information.

How do I get started in FWQ as an college student?

If you’re a full-time college student on an IFSA Collegiate team, you can compete in FWQ events just like any other athlete. The FWQ Collegiate License allows you to earn points for your world ranking, qualify for the Freeride World Tour, and contribute to your school’s ranking. The college with the most points becomes the Collegiate Freeride Tour Champion.

To join, find your Collegiate Freeride team. When you get your IFSA Adult Qualifier Membership, select “FWQ Collegiate Tour” and pick your school from the list. For the 2024 Season you do NOT need to purchase an RMFS Regional Membership.

For more information on seeding and registration, please see the Region 2 Adult Qualifier Handbook.

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