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Terms and Conditions


About the candidates

Only RMFS athletes are eligible to enter the contest. Membership will be validated via LiveHeats accounts.

Technical specifications for submitted photos

The photo(s) submitted must not contain violence, profanity, sex or direct attacks on individuals or organizations. Any entries deemed offensive will be immediately disqualified.

The photo must be an original creation – no copyrighted images may be used.

The participant must certify and warrant that the submitted photo(s) does not violate the rights of a third party or any copyright. RMFS is not responsible for intellectual property violations that might have resulted through the submissions of photos.

Rights and ownership

By submitting their photos to RMFS, participants agree to grant RMFS free of charge the right to use the photo in any manner and media, including without limitation, the right to publish, adapt, distribute, copy, display or translate in printed or electronic media even if they are not the winning entries.

RMFS agrees to mention the full name of the chosen contestant whenever a credit line is possible and tag on social channels.


RMFS reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest or any of the arrangements, schedules, plans or other items directly or indirectly related to the contest, at any time and for any reason if deems necessary.

The personal information provided to RMFS by the participants shall only be used for the purposes of this contest.

Participation in the contest, including being selected to have your photo selected, in no manner constitutes an endorsement or support by RMFS of the candidates’ views or aims or of any products or services. Candidates shall not advertise or otherwise claim to have obtained any such endorsement or support. RMFS name and logo are the property of RMFS and should not be used in any manner whatsoever without the prior consent of RMFS. RMFS must approve in writing any statement, advertisement, press release or similar communication in any media, relating to candidates participation in the competition.

Contact us: rockies@ifsafreeride.org

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