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RMFS was established to foster unity within the IFSA Rocky Mountain Region, encompassing Colorado and New Mexico.

The Freeride World Tour (FWT)

At the top of the freeride competition pyramid is the FWT- a global competition circuit featuring the world’s most elite skiers and snowboarders. It showcases top riders tackling the most iconic and demanding alpine terrains at world-famous ski resorts.

The Freeride World Challenger (FWC)

The FWT Challenger is the ultimate step towards qualifying for the FWT Pro circuit. The top riders from the FWT Qualifier compete against the bottom-ranked riders from the FWT tour in high-pressure events to earn a spot on the following year's FWT Pro circuit.

The Freeride World Qualifiers (FWQ)

The world qualification circuit aims to develop emerging athletes by offering 60 events held around the world (including forty in Europe). Points are earned based on event star ratings (ranging from 1 to 4 stars) and geographical regions: Region 1 (comprising Europe, Asia, and Oceania) and Region 2 (encompassing the USA, Canada, Chile, and Argentina).

International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association (IFSA)

The IFSA Junior Series circuit is titled Region 2 globally and is designed for athletes aged up to 18, with a focus on nurturing future talent, promoting diverse youth involvement in the sport, and emphasizing safety, injury prevention, and mountain environment awareness. Athletes transition from the IFSA junior level to the Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) when they turn 19. Athletes who are 18 can choose to compete either as an IFSA Junior or an FWQ adult and must declare their choice. When an IFSA junior becomes 18, their IFSA Junior Series results are automatically converted into points on the FWQ Global Seeding List. This provides juniors with a ranking on the FWQ Global Seeding List and registration priority for easier registration at 3* and 4* level FWQ events.The IFSA Adult Series supports FWT Qualifier events for adults and collegiate series adults who can ultimately build their seeding into the FWT.


Junior Series Championships

Junior Freeride Championships (JFC) U12 junior athletes can sign up to attend the U12 Freeride Junior Championships, while the top ranked 12-18 athletes of the season will be issued invitations to the JFC held yearly in April. After the JFC, the top seeded athletes in the series will be issued invitations to the FJWC held the following January in Europe. 

Freeride Junior World Championships (FJWC) This circuit is exclusively invitation only for elite athletes 15-18 years old who have earned the top seeds in the world within the IFSA Junior Series events (Region 2) and the European events (Region 2). The FJWC is an event in Europe that takes place the following season to crown the Freeride Junior World Champions.

Benefits of Teams

Joining a big mountain freeride team or club is an excellent way to enter the world of freeride. It not only teaches you the essential skills for safe participation but also gives you a supportive community of like-minded freeriders who share your passion. Training alongside peers who compete at a similar level helps hone each others skills and advancement in the sport. Joining a freeride team also provides crucial insights into aspects pertaining to line choice, comprehending IFSA judging criteria, and achieving success in the freeride arena.

Independent Path

If you can’t join a junior team or there’s none nearby, don’t worry. Register as an “IFSA Independent” athlete and take the initiative to learn about freeride safety and judging guidelines. This knowledge will help you make safe line choices during competitions and practice. We have a page dedicated to you to help understand what many teams already know!

Registration Info
All Registrations, Event Information, Scores, Seeding Lists, and Memberships are being hosted within LiveHeats as of the 2024 Season. Stay tuned for new information to be released Fall 2023.

IFSA Junior Age Divisions

  • Athletes 11 years of age or younger on or prior to December 31st are eligible only for the U12 age category.
  • Athletes 12-14 years of age on or prior to December 31st are eligible only for the 12-14 age category.
  • Athletes 15-18 years or age or older on December 31st are eligible only for the 15-18 age category.

Judging Criteria

Line Choice Higher scores are awarded to athletes choosing more difficult routes. Difficulty is determined by steepness, exposure, air, drops, snow, and course conditions.
Control Competitors must remain in control at all times; loss in control will result in a lower score. Skillful recoveries will reduce penalties.
Fluidity Constant direction towards a goal. This includes continuity, pace, and smooth transitions between sections of the course. Falling or stopping can have a negative impact.
Technique Competitors are judged on style and turn quality relating to big mountain Freeriding.
Style & Energy This encompasses the pace, energy and creativity with which a competitor attacks or descends his/her chosen line or route. Style focuses on execution of maneuvers.

Judges score athletes between a 0-10 scale in each of the above categories. Each category score is added together to get the athlete’s total score for the run.


The IFSA’s primary concern is ensuring safety and enjoyment in freeride skiing and snowboarding. To mitigate risks and reduce the chance of injury, we strongly advise all our athletes to consider the following gear and toolkit:

1. Helmet (mandatory)
2. Back protection (mandatory) or body armor
3. Backpack equipped with a durable avalanche shovel and probe
4. Avalanche transceiver
5. Mouth guard

These items are essential for your safety and well-being while engaging in freeride activities.

Who Are We

RMFS, led by Shannon Moller, is headquartered in Colorado, where she resides with her husband, Mike. Their family includes three grown sons who have progressed through the IFSA pipeline. While RMFS does not directly host any events, you may spot Shannon and Mike among the spectators!

"Thank you for hosting the IFSA Comp at Monarch. It was my family’s first time there and we enjoyed both the ski area and Salida. You did an amazing job getting everyone who works for the ski area on board for the Comp from Ski Patrol to the folks in the ticket office — it seemed flawless."
Aparna H , Freeride Parent
“ The RMFS team are always there for us and get it done ”
Tony P , Freeride Parent
"Absolutely organized and always out the front of the curve.”
Michale Limerson , Copper Mountain

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