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RMFS Community Statement

Community Responsibility Statement

At RMFS, we believe in the power of sportsmanship and the beauty of the great outdoors. We also understand that with great adventures come great responsibilities. Our commitment to the community extends beyond providing thrilling competitive experiences; it encompasses our duty to protect and preserve the environment, support local communities, and inspire responsible outdoor ethics. We strive to be a positive force for the betterment of the regions in which we operate and for the global community as a whole.

Environmental Stewardship

Conservation: We are committed to preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings by minimizing our impact on the environment. We aim to leave no trace, practicing the principles of “Leave No Trace” and “Pack it in, Pack it out.”

Sustainable Practices: We continuously seek out and implement sustainable practices in our operations, from waste reduction to energy efficiency and responsible resource use.

Education: We endeavor to educate our customers, staff, and the general public about the importance of protecting and conserving the environment. We believe that knowledge is the first step towards positive change.

Community Engagement

Local Support: We actively seek partnerships with local businesses and artisans, using their services and products whenever possible to contribute to the economic development of the communities we serve.

Volunteerism: Our team members are encouraged to engage in volunteer activities that benefit the local community and environment. We facilitate opportunities for our staff to give back to the places we operate in.

Community Outreach: We organize events and programs aimed at engaging and supporting local communities. These may include workshops, clean-up initiatives, and community-building events.

RMFS Community Responsibility

Ethical and Inclusive Practices

Inclusivity: We are committed to providing inclusive outdoor experiences that are accessible to people of all backgrounds and abilities. Discrimination of any form is not tolerated within our organization.

Fair Employment: We provide fair employment opportunities to people from the local community, ensuring that our workforce reflects the diversity of the areas in which we operate.

Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions, and we seek continuous improvement in our operations to align with community values and expectations.

Safety and Responsibility

Athlete Safety: We prioritize the safety and well-being of our athletes, providing the necessary equipment, guides, and information to ensure they are supported in their competitive events and training. 

Emergency Response: We maintain a robust emergency response system and partner with local authorities to ensure the safety and security of our customers and staff.

In committing to these principles, RMFS pledges to be a responsible and accountable member of the communities we serve. We acknowledge that the impact of our operations extends beyond the thrill of competition, and we are determined to ensure that this impact is positive and enduring. Our goal is to leave the world a better place through adventure, education, and community engagement.



Emily Dorman
Assistant Director
Rocky Mountain Freeride



In response to the growing demand for freeriding competitions, RMFS was founded with coaches for the aim of ensuring equitable access to regional competitions for all athletes. Our mission involves establishing consistency in our regional events and collaborating to create a fun and secure environment for our athletes.

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"Thank you for hosting the IFSA Comp at Monarch. It was my family’s first time there and we enjoyed both the ski area and Salida. You did an amazing job getting everyone who works for the ski area on board for the Comp from Ski Patrol to the folks in the ticket office — it seemed flawless."
Aparna H , Freeride Parent
“ The RMFS team are always there for us and get it done ”
Tony P , Freeride Parent
"Absolutely organized and always out the front of the curve.”
Michale Limerson , Copper Mountain

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